Changing tire and hose E2S Junior Changing tire and hose E2S Junior

Changing tire and hose E2S Junior

The hose and tires on the E2S JUNIOR are replaced as follows:

  • First, remove the reflective stickers on the outside of the rim.
  • Then unscrew the screws to loosen the small covers and use a 188mm wrench to loosen the nuts on both sides.
  • The rim with tires will then come loose and you will have access to remove this. Remove the air, this makes the tire more easily removable. Use a tire lever if the tire is snug.
  • Once the tire is off the rim, you can remove the hose and then replace both the hose and the tire.
  • Attach the wheel back to the scooter. Remember to tighten the nuts on both sides, screw in the covers on the sides and finish by attaching the reflective stickers back to the cover.

Video guide:

Below you will find two videos that demonstrate how to change tires and hose on both the front and rear wheels of the E2S V2. The procedure is identical for E2S JUNIOR.

Replacing rear tire / hose:

replacing front tire/ hose:


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