Refilling air in tires Refilling air in tires

Refilling air in tires

Refill once a week for frequent use!

Correct air pressure in the tires will reduce the risk of punctures considerably and give your product optimal performance. Range and acceleration are drastically improved at the correct air pressure.

The air pressure should be between 2.8 - 4 bar, depending on the weight of the driver. This also varies with which model you have. Check the user manual on your product for the exact recommended air pressure.

If filling with air is difficult, we recommend using a valve extension. This can be ordered on our website.

The valve extension is screwed onto the valve and then air is filled through it. If there is a nut around the valve, filling with air can be experienced as easier if you remove it. When using a valve extension: be careful not to tighten it too hard, as the valve may be damaged.

Have you punctured?

Punctures are not covered by warranty, with the exception of manufacturing defects. In the event of a puncture, due to different air pressures in the tire and the surroundings, air will leak out at the valve as this is the only opening for the air to escape. This usually does not mean that the valve is defective. To check if the valve is defective, the hose must be removed and kept under water. Then see where the air seeps out of the hose. Avoid curbs, jumping, skewed weight distribution + fill air to avoid puncture

Tire, hose and other spare parts can be purchased at

Make it a habit to run a check of the scooter, check the air pressure and see if all of the visible screws fit well. It is very important that all visible screws are retightened, and it is recommended to do this every week, depending on how much the scooter is used.