Storage of electrical products over time Storage of electrical products over time

Storage of electrical products over time

When it is time to put away your scooter for the winter, it is important to take care of the battery so this is in good condition when it is time to use the scooter again.

Do not place the product in a room with a temperature above 50 ℃ or below -5 ℃ (for example, do not leave the battery from the scooter in the car during the summer in the hot sun). As a result, the battery may deteriorate, overheat, and even cause a fire.

If the scooter is not in use for 30 days or longer, the battery must be charged and the unit stored in a cool, dry place. It is necessary to charge the battery at least once a month (charge up to a maximum of 80%), otherwise it can be damaged, such damage is not covered by the right of complaint. Lithium batteries are damaged and are damaged over time if they are without power.

By avoiding full discharge of the battery, you will extend the life of the battery. The battery is best preserved with 20-80% power.


General information about the battery

  • Do not use batteries from other brands (to avoid dangerous situations).
  • Do not open or disassemble the battery (to prevent electric shock). Avoid contact with metal objects to prevent short circuits. This can cause the battery to malfunction or damage the consumer.
  • It is recommended to use the original charger provided to prevent an accident or fire in the vehicle.
  • If you throw away used batteries and accumulators incorrectly, it may cause serious environmental pollution. Dispose the batteries in accordance with local regulations. Protect the environment together!
  • After using your device, you must charge the battery to extend its life.