My product has had a puncture, what do I do? My product has had a puncture, what do I do?

My product has had a puncture, what do I do?

With pneumatic tires, it will of course be possible to puncture. Punctures can be caused by driving on something sharp, driving with low air pressure, etc. Avoid curbs, jumping, skewed weight distribution + fill air to avoid puncture. The correct air pressure in the tires will reduce the risk of punctures considerably - the air pressure should be between 2.8 and 4 bar, depending on the weight of the driver. For the exact air pressure recommended on your model, see the respective user manual.

Punctures are not covered, with the exception of manufacturing defects. In the event of a puncture, due to different air pressures in the tire and the surroundings, air will leak out at the valve as this is the only opening for the air to escape. This usually does not mean that the valve is defective. To check if the valve is defective, the hose must be removed and kept under water. Then see where the air seeps out of the hose.


Repair of flat tires:

If you want us to replace the hose on your product, the price for this is NOK 500 per half hour of service, as well as cost of tire / hose).

If you disassemble a rim with a tire from the scooter before you send it in for repair, your service case will be prioritized and the service costs will be lower as it requires less time from a technician as disassembly is not necessary.

If you feel handy enough to do the job yourself, this will be entirely possible. It is first and foremost important to look over the tire for sharp objects, especially in the tire tread. Here it happens that pieces of glass, pieces of metal etc are stuck.


Where do I order hose and tires?

  • Hose can be ordered here
  • Tires can be ordered here
  • Puncture-free tires can be ordered here

See our technical help page to check if we have a guide for hose and / or tire replacement on your product.