Puncture - changing tire and hose E2S V1 Puncture - changing tire and hose E2S V1

Puncture - changing tire and hose E2S V1

With pneumatic tires, it will of course be possible to puncture. Punctures can be caused by driving on something sharp, driving with low air pressure, etc. The correct air pressure in the tires will reduce the risk of punctures considerably - the air pressure should be between 2.8 and 3.4 bar, depending on the weight of the driver. Reminds that punctures are not covered by the right of complaint. This applies to 8.5 '' tires, the pressure should be increased if you have larger tires.


If you want us to replace the hose on your product, the price for this is NOK 500 (1 / 2h service), as well as NOK 150 for the hose (price depending on size). In some cases it is also advantageous to change tires, e.g. if the tire is worn, cracked, etc. New tire costs from NOK 300. (price depending on size). Puncture-free tires cost NOK 350.


If you feel handy enough to do the job yourself, this will be entirely possible. It is first and foremost important to look over the tire for sharp objects, especially in the tire tread. Here it happens that pieces of glass, pieces of metal and the like are stuck.


Video guide that shows how to change hose on E2S V2 yourself you can see HERE.
Tip: use Zalo around the contact surfaces on the tire. (around the edges) This makes it easier to get the tire on.


Tire and hose, as well as puncture free tire can be bought in our online store.