Scooter during the winter Scooter during the winter

Scooter during the winter

Can I buy a winter model?

No, we do not sell winter models. In relation to driving in the winter, we generally never recommend winter driving as the scooter can easily be damaged by the salt from the roads and get moisture damage during storage after driving. Damage related to scooting during the winter is not covered by warranty.


Can I order studded tires for my scooter?

No, we do not sell studded tires / winter tires. The original tires are also not designed for harsh weather and winter conditions.


Do I have to charge the scooter when I am not using it?

Yes! If the scooter is not used for 1 month, such as during winter storage, you must charge it at least once a month. Never run the scooter completely out of power and do not top charge the battery during storage. The battery percentage should not be less than 50% and should not exceed 80%.