How does it work?

We offer a 60-day right of return for in-store and online purchases. You can exchange the item in store or by returning it to the online store. This is a right of exchange and must not be confused with the ordinary right of withdrawal. The right of withdrawal is required by law, while we choose to offer this right of exchange to our customers as an extra service. In some cases, 14 days is not enough time for consideration, for example when buying Christmas gifts etc. The 60-day right of exchange provides the customer with more time to decide whether he or she wants to keep the product or not. When exchanging an item, the arrangement is renewed, and the customer gets another 60 days with rights of exchange.  


General criteria

  • Applies only to private customers
  • The item and packaging cannot be opened, so that the retailer can resell the item without any impairment of value.
  • The customer must provide either an order confirmation or a receipt.
  • The 60 days are counted from the receival of the order.
  • The customer chooses the method of return and is responsible for both the cost and the risk of return.
  • The right of return provides the customers with the possibility to exchange in other goods, not a refund.


Return / exchange in-store

Bring your order confirmation/receipt and the item you want to return/exchange. In our store you can exchange for any item you’d like. If the new item has a higher cost, you will have to pay the difference. If the new item has a lower cost, we will provide you with a credit note.


Return / exchange online

Return the item alongside a note stating your order number and that you would like to return the product. If you would like to switch to another product, please place an order for the desired product (like a normal order).

We will send you your new product as soon as the order is registered and refund you the old order when processing the return. For a full refund, the total cost of your new order must exceed the cost of your old order. No higher refund will be given then the total cost of the new order. The transaction is completed within 10 days of the return being processed. You will not receive confirmation that we have received the package, but will be informed when the order is refunded / canceled.


All items must be returned to the following address:

In Norway:

E-wheels Norge AS

Betongveien 12
3302 Hokksund

NB! When returning with Posten or Bring, the following address must be used:

E-wheels Norge AS
Betongveien 12, Hokksund
3000 Drammen


In Europe:

E-Wheels Europe AB
Datavägen 31
436 32 Askim,
Göteborg, Sverige