When ordering products in stock, you can normally pick up your order at your local post office 1-4 working days after we have received your order. The post office will inform you when the parcel is ready for pick up. When ordering home delivery, you will be contacted to arrange a delivery time.

You have two weeks to pick up your parcel when it has arrived at your local post office. If not picked up, the parcel will be returned to us. In addition to this, you will be billed for shipping costs.

An updated delivery time is stated on the product site, this is the day we estimate the product to arrive our warehouse.  Your preorder will be shipped within 24h from the warehouse receiving your order. From this day on there is 2-3 working days with shipping until you receive your product. In the event of delays, the delivery time will be updated on the product site. It is not possible to get the product before this day, as there are no products available. However, it is possible to change your order to other products, in case you want a product that is in stock instead.

We remind you that the delivery time for preorders are estimated to be as precise and accurate as possible. As unforeseen events and delays may occur, we cannot guarantee that the date is 100% accurate. The outburst of Covid-19, for example, affected this season’s products delivery time, and this we could off course not have foreseen.

Delays may occur just before delivery time: our products must go through customs service. This usually takes maximum one day, however in some cases this could extend over several days. This depends on whether the batch is selected for a thorough check or not. This is unfortunate for both the customer and the supplier, but with everything considered we should be happy and grateful that customs service is doing a thorough job at keeping our country safe.


  • An electric scooter is preordered with an estimated delivery time, the 25th of May. This means the 25th of May is the effective date, and no products are available before this date.
  • Questions regarding the delivery time can easily be answered by checking the product site, as this type of information will be updated regularly and continuously and will be more accurate as the delivery day approaches.  




If you have chosen to pay with C.O.D (cash on delivery), the fee will be in addition to the invoice amount.

Customers located in Svalbard
Norwegian Post has introduced a separate fee for parcels sent to Svalbard. For this reason, each order is charged with this fee which at the moment is NOK 236.