E-wheels by Joyor Y8S scooter E-wheels by Joyor Y8S scooter

E-wheels by Joyor Y8S scooter


Elegant, strong and safe! Y8S is built like a dream! The market's best braking abilities, up to 100km range, comfortable brakes and an incredible engine. The E-Wheels by Joyor series is specially adapted for rough conditions.

Not only is the Y8S aesthetically beautiful, it is as said also built like a dream! Hydraulic disc brakes from Nutt in front and rear ensure you the safest and best braking experience on the market. The huge 26Ah 48V Lithium battery offers an optimal range of 100km! The shock absorbers allow you to float over the unevenness you may encounter in both urban and rural areas. The 48V motor is optimized to provide 1000w nominal power and as much as 1500w over short periods.

The Y8S is perfect for the customer who are looking for a solid and reliable electric scooter with long range, good riding comfort and powerful engine.