1 What does the right of complaint entail?

  • This time-limited right to make a complaint applies to all Moma electric bicycles 24 months after the purchase has been made and covers the electronic parts (display, charger and motherboard) in the event of manufacturing defects. Engine: 24 months or 5000km (whichever comes first). Battery: 12 months.
  • This only applies to the original buyer and is not transferred upon further sale or rental.

2 What is NOT covered by warranty

  • Damage to the product resulting from:
    Careless use, misuse, neglect, rental, shock, heat, moisture damage, improper installation, punctures, road salt, poor maintenance or modifications to the bike. Not all external influences will be covered.
    Inadequate maintenance, incorrect charging, incorrect storage, incorrect use - ie exceeding weight, height and / or age restriction, driving on stairs, against walls or curbs, other types of extreme sports and the like.
  • Accident, crash, driving over objects, racing, fire, having the scooter under water, high pressure water, cold, earthquakes, falls, oxidation or chemical corrosion. Water damage is not covered by a complaint unless there is a production error.
    Use of the bicycle when the display does not show speed. (If the bike is used without speed control)
  • That the product has been tampered with and delivered without original parts. Faults caused by other equipment.
  • Improper packaging or incorrect handling during return to dealer
  • Modification - use of a third party product that has not been purchased by E-wheels Norge AS / Wheels Europe AB
  • Contact sykkel@e-wheels.no for complaints and service inquiries.


Wear parts:

  • Wear parts include light bulbs, brake pads, brake / gear wire, discs, chain, cassette, bearing, tire, boiler, gear tube, pedal, crank arm, ball bearing (handlebar) and the like.

3. Complaints and service inquiries